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Mr Jianwei Zhu
The Excutive Director and Technical Director of Dianjing company.

Started from a apprentice, he has experienced as a team leader, workshop manager and design manager. Every step he moves on steadily with great passion. At the age of 28 , he established this company.
"Honesty for win-win cooperation", this is what he holds on and instructs his employees. Owning to his 18 years' experience and unique design concept, he has achieved many invention patents for mold structure. He has paticipated in completed OEM lamp design for VW double color headlights, GM double color tail lights, Peugeot tail lights, etc. Knowing clearly about the design stardards of different countries, he leads his design team to innovate continuously. Possessed of rigorous requirement on technology and quality, that's a reason why so many clients choose him. Because of his wholehearted dedication, modesty and excellent leadership, Dianjing people respect him and follow him without any hesitation.